"If you can dream about something, you can also do this." W.Disney

The crisis... a word used by many as explanation for the failure of business. They forget that in Chinese language this word is composed of two different signs: the threat and the opportunity. Often ignoring the second part we condemn ourselves to fail and fall into the vicious circle of explanations. We don't see that the problems are often opportunities but in disguise only.

Interim Management & Energy is a new concept combining the advantages of time management with additional services in the field of energy and raising efficiency. The value it provides will grow in time because it refers to the contact "face to face " as the human factor in business. A trusted, committed and effective partner in business is added value which is worth of court.

Perhaps in the future the concept of "Energy" will be extended to other areas where they will not only mean energy, but use the deeper meaning of the word as the activity, power, life...