"The thousand ways of wasting time are known but nobody can’t raise it" A.Enstein

Interim Management is temporary management of the company realized via chosen Interim Manager who is top specialist with experience from various managing levels and proven successes. He works usually on terminated contracts and is concentrated on described tasks only. Interim Manager takes full responsibility for his job and deliver result.

Based on his business knowledge IM propose development directions in organization, preparing detailed plan of actions and actively helps in change implementation. The main objective is usually increase the value of the company, business process improvement and consolidate the changes in people. The combination of different practical skills with deep understanding of business and a high probability of success makes Interim Manager as unique partner.

Interim Management is quite new branch reliance on knowledge. This is alternative to full-time managers for companies who need support. Similarly to British IIM polish interim managers upon confirmation of eligibility bring together to SIM (Interim Managers Association) which I am member. Experience, result, independence are sources of Interim Management & Energy idea.