"Faith in own strength is the bridge connecting expectations, activities, inputs and results" R.Kantor

Vision is a concept even a little predictable, but feasible. My idea of Interim Management & Energy (IME) is associated with the observation that people willingly become addicted to the habit of the past and use of known tools. Therefore, they spend most of their time on managing the status quo and thinking about what is instead of what it should be.

I see IME as synergy benefits of the project and result -oriented approach to the problems of the organization and philosophy of building long-term relationships and full confidence in the proper family businesses. I think that you can find in this approach creativity and build "blue oceans". Such an approach requires courage but let find everyone involved in the project the balance between work and family life.

The concept of IME is also working with experts in their fields which I deliver. Ability to connect the different available technologies, management methods and fixation of changes in people is a task that I can do. The point is to understand that the proper performance of daily activities is not the same as performing the appropriate action.